Walmart Eye Appointment

Walmart Eye appointments are available through an online scheduler for Walmart Eye Appointment or call (800) 925-6278 for assistance or eligibility questions. Walmart Eye enables you to choose between an online appointment where you can have the meeting from the comfort of your home or office or a physical appointment where you need to arrive to the location provided on the Walmart Eye confirmation.

You can access the Walmart Eye Appointment online system to book, schedule, change, or cancel an appointment by clicking here.

Walmart Eye Appointment Phone Number

What is Walmart Eye Appointment phone number?

Walmart Eye Appointment phone number to speak to a real person at Walmart Eye to book, schedule, change, or cancel an appointment is (800) 925-6278.

Do I need an appointment for Walmart Eye?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you book an appointment for Walmart Eye to ensure you get accepted on time when you arrived and not wait in line. Please notify Walmart Eye if you are not able to arrive and cancel the appointment ahead of time.

How to book a Walmart Eye appointment?

Watch this video to learn how to book a Walmart Eye appointment and how the Walmart Eye appointment system works.

Walmart Eye Appointment Address

What is Walmart Eye address?

Walmart Eye address to send mail, documents, complaints, forms, requests, and inquiries is:

Walmart Eye
702 SW 8th St
Arkansas 72712
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